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Title: contract versus agreement
Post by: IAMfree on April 26, 2010, 12:08:53 AM
Hi All,

Have a question here. I have been researching contracts, agreements and ALL that therein! Found much info of which then I found more info, and again more info, and again....you get the idea.

Can anyone tell me in legal, yet simple terms the difference? Also I want to mention there is an old date on generic membership agreement. I dont have absolute on this but heard that the membership agreement has to have same date as complaint. Does anyone know of this and how that could be used? I understand there has to be proof given for all allegations which I am standing on now and will continue to do so all the way. Thank God we have that much of a right still in the works..the demand for proof.

I also learned tonight that the house has yet to pass the the Arbitration Fairness Act of 2009. Does anyone have any recent info on this? I learned A LOT on that one! I understand that in the very beginning arbitration was intended for use between large corps. (only), and was never intended to be used by a large corp against an ordinary citizen in order to settle out of court. Any comments on this?

Thank you!!