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Author Topic: Florida Only Please  (Read 4375 times)
Florida Debtor
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« on: August 25, 2006, 10:48:27 AM »

This board is for discussing the the issues facing debtors in Florida, and national issues that directly effect Floridains. At this time I will not stop anyone from dicussing other state issues, but I do reserve the right to do so in the future. Keep in mind if you have a question that involves another states laws or procedures you will probably be better served by posting in one of the forums listed here.

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I am not a lawyer. It would not be wise to use anything I say as legal advise. Check for yourself.
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« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2010, 12:15:03 PM »

Oh dern,
I couldn't get that link to work.
I have several friends who are
in different states who may be
interested. If you get time, do
you know of a different way to
get to that link?

I am learning the hard way, so don't listen to seriously to what
I have to say, as it isn't legal advice. Go see a lawyer for that.
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« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2010, 08:43:43 PM »


I am here in FL and am new here on this board. Truly enjoying what I am finding here. I became a member of a forum end of last week that I thought would help, but got some run-around and found it was hard sometimes to get a clear answer there. Many times my questions were ignored, so I would repeat myself still with no answers. Became weary of it and then after one of now three all-nighters looking for information, I found your forum. After reading some posts here I feel I am in the right place. You all seem fearless and determined to help yourselves and one another. Sounds sound like you know what you are doing..that right there reassures me. This is just what my husband and I really need at this time.

We had a summons delivered to our home last Thursday by the sheriff for my husband for CC debt. I was so freaked but then right away began searching for help and to understand what to do. I am here standing in the gap to help my husband for he busy doing a lot of research and along with that has stressful full time job. He may come here at times but meanwhile I would like to help him by coming here with questions and comments. We are new at being sued so you can understand we have been very nervous, trying to keep our heads, trying to learn and absorb as much as we can to take care of this suit so we can have the victory. My husband and I are determined to turn this thing around for good. We had 30 years of excellent credit but long story short, due to economy we have found ourselves where we are now, never thought it would happen to us, as I am sure many have felt that way! For us, we had to make a decision in order to keep our home, we DO NOT regret that decision!

Again I want you to know I am very grateful to find you. Sounds like a nice bunch of people that don't take crap, know what to do and do it well..a fearless bunch. I feel so much better just in being here with you all!!!!

The attorney (located here in FL but in different county) on the summons claims he is representing a CC company..sorry, not good yet with abbreviations. I did a search on this guy and found this is a regular thing with him. I doubt that he is representing them as much as himself, probably bought the debt. There was no document of assignment attached to the summons showing he has been assigned the suit by the CC. (Proud to say this is a new thing I learned just today! :>) I also discovered he actually teaches other attorneys how to get money through collections from debtors. This TOTALLY frightened me at first, but then this was the 1st day we got the summons and started research. Both myself and my husband are doing better today after several days and mostly late nights into the morning research!

We have 20 days ..actually now 16 to put together the Answer letter. PLEASE ANY help you can give us would be appreciated! We are doing our best to figure this thing out and make sure we do a good and exact job so the letter goes through without a hitch.

I do want to mention that the atty makes a comment on one of the points listed  that there was communication between my husband and the CC comp. on April 1st of this year which is an out right lie! In that statement he claims there was an agreement of the 'resulting balance' between my husband and the CC company! AN OUT RIGHT LIE, TOTALLY FALSE! Is this anything we can use for our good? And if so how? We've been trying to find that kind of info.

We  are trying to to pull together the answer letter ASAP..a bit nervous for we have never done this and want to make sure we get it exact so it doesn't blow back in our faces. I have to admit though, since we have been studying all of this we are starting to feel a little better about it all and more empowered. The faith is getting stronger in the idea of winning.

Thank you so much for Being here...we REALLY need all the help we can get!!!!!


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